Windhoek - The second time


Arriving back in Namibia was a weird experience, with African skies, dry air , and miles and miles of bushveld, in stark contrast to the greenness and civilization of England.Thank you to Onkel who fetched us form the airport despite him being very sick.Also thank you for looking after Stanruza whilst we were gone, you are a true example of Namibian kindness and hospitality.

 Anton Lubowski Street

After having seen Zack again and being touched by the uncanny resemblance to my dear brother, Anton, both in looks and character, I took Stew to see their house and took some pics of the street now named after him. At times I miss him so much, specially being here in his beloved country but I do know that he would have been so proud of all the development in Namibia,

 Mark and Nancy  The girls

Stewart wanted to see Etosha, so after a day spent shopping for essentials, repairing the tent, and repacking to send all the UK clothes, as well as the clothes we brought back for Zack, back to Cape Town, we settled down to a “last supper” with our Dutch friends, Mark and Nancy, as well as Marieke, who was visiting Windhoek for a month,and can you believe it….another laywer!!! Now the Dutch legal fraternity joined the Brits and the Africans in the “bush disappearing act” We had a great time and they made our first night back joyful despite us missing our sons terribly.


The next morning, after a few unplanned detours, we left for Etosha Pans.