Windhoek for the 1st round


How strange is the human race!!! We are never satisfied, once agin, the road to Windhoek was worldclass, but it is VERY straight and soon we were complaining about it!! I however did not allow Stew to do too much of that as it is after all my home country and everything WORKS, it is sparkling clean and such a pleasure to travel here, the 958 km stretch took us only 8hr 30 min so we had lots of time to those ofyou that think Stan is slow.....think again, good time we had I would say!!

As far as the countryside is concerned, Nam is green, green and lovely. If any of you guys decide to travel here soon, the loo's at the petrol station in Rundu is the cleanest public one I have seen in years!!

Stew has a new love in his life, Mr G , his Garmin which he finally got to work, so now instead of looking at the road while he is driving, he is looking at the machine and continously offers updates on our height above sealevel (why??) In any event, Mr G is wonderful and took us straight to Puccini House in Windhoek where we decided to stay for 2 nights(6 Puccini Street, Windhoek West.) Just for an intersting bit of news, we struggled a bit to get accommodation ,which surprised me. Upon further investigation, we were told that due to the problems in Kenya, the recent upheaval in Zim as well as the ( perceived by the foreigners) problems in SA, Namibia is being flooded by tourists. I for one am glad as they deserve it.

What a great place Puccini House was, for R375 for the room per night including breakfast, it was the nicest and best value for money accommodatrion we had on this trip. Christelle and Jaco, the owners are doing an excellent job, and Jaco even offered to fix the damaged hinge so the tent can last a bit longer and yeah....updated our Garmin maps for us AS well as gave us lots of tips on Angola, Thanks guys, you were stars and we are looking forward to keeping in contact. They also suggested a stunning restaurant for the first night we were there. It is a training school for chefs, BUT, the smartest decor in a restaurant you will find anywhere and great food. Nice, the place was the brainchild of a couple who converted their family home into the school/restaurant and the sales of the restaurant funds the school. Please have a meal, it is worth it.

Windhoek is stunning and the development has been amazing since we were last here about 7 years ago.Only thing though, no bussiness here for GHD's!! The air is so dry that my hair is straight, not even a hint of a curl, girls as long as straight hair is in fashion, it is cheaper to stay in Windhoek!

We also met a truly great couple, Mark and Nancy at the guesthoue. They are from Holland, Nancy is a social worker and Mark is in IT , they have been backpacking through Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania and Namibia for 4 months! They invited us for supper and we had the greatest Sweet and Sour chicken dish made by them!! Just to let you all know, we admire them so much, they love Africa and continued travelling even after experiencing a horrific armed robbery at a lodge in Zambia! Guys we wish you all the best with the rest of your travels and please do not give up on your dream of travelling through the rest of Africa(in your LANDY of course!!)

Unfortunately we also had a very sad and emotional time as Rudolf's dad, Willem passed away unexpectedly and our hearts were and are still broken for our darling son. It was very difficult not to cancel our tickets to the UK to visit Zack and to rather go to them in Cape Town, but both Ruds and Chrizel would not hear of it, so we leave these two beautiful souls in the hands of our other beloved friends and family in Cape Town, we know you guys will all take good care of them.

Our next update will be from Bristol in the UK!