Vilanculos and around

With Stanruza running on fumes, we drove into Vilanculos, and after our usual “drive around recce” , we settled down  at Villa la Mar, just out of town, and - you guessed it -  overlooking the sea. Our initial impression of the area was a bit disappointing, with large expanses of  exposed sand dotted with marooned fishing boats, in stark contrast to the  coast further south. The horizon was broken by several of the islands  the area is renowned for.

 Going nowhwere slowly!Our view from the lodge

Our accommodation secured, we headed back into town , and found a “supermarket” to stock up on some provisions, and a local fisherman to supply us crayfish for another gourmet dinner. One of the crayfish was the biggest crayfish I have ever seen on a plate, we named him Oupa Kreef.

 Oupa ooit iemand n kreef sien verorber!!!! (The beercanis a huge one, not a normal can)

Our lodge was huge, designed to sleep 6-8, but with several lodges empty, and many of the surrounding accommodation still uninhabitable after the 2007 cyclone, our host was not worried about letting us loose in the “mansion” – 3 bedrooms,  2 bathrooms, one en suite, lounge, dining room, huge kitchen, 2 sun decks (both with mandatory view), swimming pool 5 meters away …. ( this is a tough life we have chosen, but someone has to do it!!).Problem with staying at places lke this is that you get  used to the luxury and it starts feeling like home!!!


We spent the next day with long walks along the beach, swimming in the pool, and a quick trip into town to fill up with diesel, and find an internet café, before packing up Stanruza  for an early start  the next day, when we hoped to say goodbye to Mozambique (for a while, we know we will be back to this beautiful country), and head to  Matendere Ranch in Zimbabwe, the home of the Du Plessis clan, via Mutare