The Why and How


What makes two 40+ attorneys give up their professions, sell their home and cars, throw caution to the wind and follow their hearts? Funny thing is, we cannot give one clear logical answer, but we can tell you that we are both Africans, we both travelled extensively throughout Europe, the East, South and North America, and now decided it is time to find our Roots in our own continent. We have lived here all our lives and yet we only know the southern part of this beautiful continent. Can we rightfully call this home if we do not even know what most of Africa is all about? Well, together with you, we are about to find out.

Our Family


For those of you that will only get to know us now, we are the Ball Family,(actually the Beukman, Alcock, Liebenberg and Lubowski family, but that's another story). We are dad Stewart, mom Annaliese, sons Rudolf and Zack and dog Themba as well as Chrizel who forms Rudolf's family together with Kloe, their dog.

After dreaming about this trip for many years, we made the decision in April 2007 to finally DO IT! Rudolf is all settled in Cape Town with his own business and Zack is taking a gap year in the UK, so instead of dreading the "empty nest syndrome" we decided to start planning our new lives.

As we are writing this, nearly 9 months after the final decision, we are still way off shedule, but decided that all we can do is take it day by day and treat it as training for what lies ahead. We need to work on our patience, implant in our brains that, as from March, we have to live by "African Time", stop planning our lives on a tight schedule and let things happen in their own time.


We will be travelling in our Landy (details in the "Crew" section) which we found at an auction. It is officially called Stanruza, STAN for short. The amazing thing is that we actually went to the auction to but printing stuff for Rudolf's business and most certainly not to buy cars. It was shortly after we made the decision to go and we saw this as an affirmation when the bid was closed on Stew at a very good price.

So now we have the vehicle and the map book......that was the easy part, the hardest is to cram all of 1 years organisation int a few monhs. We spend hours making "to do" lists and now , 6 days before departure are still ticking off the things we need to do before departure.

Our intention with this site was to be informative and to asist others planning to do similar trips, unfortunately it seems that the creation of a website is a nightmare despite the mot amazing promises from the experts. So here we are, 7 months after we started the proces and it is still not up and running. Thus........lesson no 1 if you want a good site, get the best!

The "TO DO" list

We started by reading reports of other trips even though we found that most , or in fact all , covers the Highway trip from Cape Town to Kairo and we wanted to start up the West coast, travel across the North and down the East. We eventualy found a number of sites dealing with the route London to Morocco and down the West. We luckily made contact with Rob and Ally who did that and met up with them and Dina, their Landy, in Cape Town. That was great and so nice to talk to people who did it and were so willing to share info.

The other NB thing is to get as much info about the countries you are travelling to as possible. I mostly used the internet, but an exellent book is the Lonely Planet, Arfica on a shoestring as wellas the Bradt travel guides.

Stanruza was turned into an awesome roadstar!!!! Even possibly a celeb in the Femina, but the most important is the work done to get him in the shape he is in. thank you to ALU CAB and specially Warwick who was a pillar of strength and calmimg influence. Nothing was too much for these guys and the workmanship and service was the best we ever experienced in Cape Town, DO contact them at 083 653 2574

Another tip, make sure your internet connection is sorted BEFORE you leave your home town, it soon turns into the most hideous monster that will consume you and take all the pleasure out of your trip if it is not sorted. We had problems all along the way thus far and am now hopefully sorted due to the WONDERFULL service received from The Vodashop at Beacon Bay,  043 748 3615, the most helpfull and clever group of people, I do hope Vodacom reward them well...Riaan jy is bitter slim en BAIE dankie vir jou hulp. Lucretia, jou vriendelike hulp was great.

We also did a few things to prepare us for this trip in different ways, which will hopefully pay off :

We did the First Aid course level 1 with EMS at Westlake Business Park , they were great and so clued up. We got awesome training and Rob even did a whole morning extra to teach us how to put up drips and be really prepared. Thenk you so much, truly advisable to contact these guys even if you just plan a short trip.

We also did the TEFL course as we thought it will be a good idea to use this once we run out of money. We did it with The Knowledge Workshop and a very difficult and stressful course as well as material was turned into a fun experience by the awesome teacher and owner, Marion. We were truly VERY well trained and also had the opportunity to do a lot of practical teaching, thank you Marion , please contact her for the best experience in this field at 082 5038556. 

Stewart had some practical training to fix a few things on Stanruza at Roverland , hope it will help!!!