The Plan

Wow 6 weeks left and so much to do...... life happens around us as we go about doing our daily things, due to the usual unforseen circumstances, and the BAll FAMILY has many as those of you that know us is aware of, our plans change on a daily basis, BUT some things stay the same......

We are leaving on the 15th March (my pendulum confirms it!!!)

  • We are having a huge send off on the 8th march at our house , party time big time see the JOURNEY blog for details
  • Our route stays firstly up the Garden Route.We left Saturday morning 15th March, and made our first stopover at the Bushcamp, Wilderness, home of the Pfaff's.See the pics and details in the Journey Blog
  • 2 adventurers in Coffee bay
  • Second stop....Knysna, details to follow
  • On to Alexandria, SA that is, not Egypt yet!! Watch this space
  • On to the Wild Coast
  • then Coffee Bay for the 2 adventurers!!!!!!
  • Visit family on the KZN south coast
  • On to Mozambique all the way to Beira
  • Cross the border at Mutare into Zimbabwe to visit family still living in Zim (believe it)
  • On to Harare to visit more Zim family !!
  • To Botswana to the Okavango Delta
  • Cros border to Namibia , leave Stan in Windhoek sand then a slight detour.......
  • Fly to UK to visit Baby Son (!!!) Zack currently playing rugby, working and freezing in Bristol for 10 days THEN
  • To Angola in May
  • Next in transit through DRC/CABINDA and CONGO on our way to
  • Gabon then on to
  • Cameroon on our way to
  • Ghana...