The Crew

Stewart David Alcock is my name, also known by various people at various times as Stew, Stewy, Stewpot ... let's stop there shall we.

I was born and lived the first 18 years of my life in Zimbabwe, one year in Bulawayo, and 17 years in Harare. Other than a totally forgettable year in Bulawayo, I grew up in Highlands, and went first to Highlands Junior and then Churchill Boys High.

After finishing school I headed "down South' to South Africa, studying first journalism at Rhodes in Grahamstown, and then law at UCT, taking a "gap" year off in between to travel and work in Europe and England, my first taste of extended travel.

Since 1994 I have worked in Cape Town as an attorney. In 1995 I met the woman of my dreams, and after I convinced her the feeling was mutual, have lived with Annaliese and her boys ever since.


Well what do say to introduce myself.......I am 47 (wow nearly 48 years old) a mother who is suffering badly from the big EMPTY NEST SYNDROME, who loves being married to the love of my life , not only because he is prepared to put up with my menopausal dillyness, but because he shares my madness, my sense of adventure, my weird way of dealing with disaster and fortune, because we trust each others judgement and hopefully still will afer living in a space of 6sq metres for an extended period of time!

I have been around the block a few times in my life and what I learned from good and bad experiences is that we always survive, shit happens, what matters is what you do with the shit that life hands out to you, I made many mistakes, but hey, I am still here and loving every minute of it, OK not always as I am only normal .....but my only goal in life is to be able to say "I HAVE LIVED MY LIFE" and believe me, so far I did.

I recently celebrated my 30 year school reunion and to all the Larries out there, go well and stay in touch,As I said at the gathering, believe in your own beauty and live your life with no apologies, now is our time. More details for those that want to know, I studied many things totally unrelated , firstly qualified as an Archaelogist at Stellenbosch University, then did Law through Unisa, studied Photography, Wine tasting, Touch for Health, did the Nia white belt (twice just to make sure I got it!) then finally afer all of that, found my niche in the Natural Healing field. I am busy with my diploma course in Natural healing and so far qualified in Iridilogy, Reiki and nearly finished Acupressure and Holistic Massage. I am busy with Kinesiology and will do the rest of the theory whilst we are travelling, or that is the plan!!

STANRUZAOur star LANDY, send to us by divine intervention, or so I believe. As soon as our web people get their act together, we will post a pic of the beauty that she is. Stanruza

aka ST (Stew) AN (Annaliese) RU (Ruds) and ZA (Zack) will be our home for the forseable future and will share our fears, love, happiness and sorrows. Only one slight problem, neither one of us is very mechanical so we ae still planning to do the mechanical course to know at least how to do the minimum, otherwise, I will jusr Reiki her, it works, believe me!!


As you will see in the How and Why section..the man finally got to do a "Little" course. Al that is left now is a lot of faith and trust in each other and hopefully it will all work.So far so good and as every day passes, we just love Stan more and more.