Stats and Helpful Info



The following are some stats as well as some info that might be helpful to future travelers:


(Please note that the prices are relevant at the time that we traveled and should therefore be adjusted. The cost of the accommodation does not include some “freebies” like staying at friends or bushcamping, and the amount reflected is per couple per night)


Country :  Gabon


Dates:16-18 June


Exchange rate:R1 to 50 CFAs


Number of Nights:  three


Distance traveled:  1 250km


Average distance per day:  565km


Cost of Diesel:   R9.40 per litre


Average fuel consumption:   7.23 km per litre


Diesel used:  173 litres


Worst Road/s:  Lope to Njoli


Best Road/s:    north of Njoli (past the bridge) to Oyem


Favourite new destination:  Lope


Average cost of accommodation:   R600 per night


Number of Bushcamps:  one


Cheapest Acommodation:   Oyem (Hotel M’Vet Palace  - R400 per night)


Most enjoyable:  Hotel Lope