Second stop Knysna

After the awesome hospitality of John and Ann we drove into Knysna well rested and fed.We drove along the back road between Wilderness and Knysna, getting a taste of the road less travelled.

Knysna is familiar territry to us, from our many visits to the Oyster festival. Our stopover this time was for a different purpose, aswe have an inkling we might return from our travels one day to settle here - for as long as we manage to settle in any one place.

We booked into the fabulous Under Milkwood selfcatering apartments, on the Knysna Heads, a place we had previously driven past onmany occasions, but never stopped. The drive down to the wooden cottage, nestled in the milkwood forest, tested the turning circle of Stanruza to the maximum. Once secure in our cottage, we headed for Estate Agent country, and met Wendy of Seeff . We had planned to spend the rest of the day, and the next, getting to know the different residential areas in Knysna, and seeing what houses were available for sale. Wendy was super, she and her team really went the extra mile.

We saw many houses scattered over Knysna, and were quite surprised at both the number of houses on the market, and the value for money. Together with Wendy, and other agents in the town, we managed in our usual way to view at least 9 houses, from fairy forest hideaways to sunny hillside homes.

We had already decided Knysna would be an ideal haven to return to one day, when our travels (and money) were over.Having sold our house in Cape Town, it was a question of whether to put the money in the bank, or reinvest in what was clearly a buyers' market. We had seen one house that clearly fitted the Estate Agent's motto of "the worst house in the best area". The house was an old wooden structure with thin board walls, your basic 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and lounge - but what a view! So in went a cheeky offer, and after a bit of haggling, it was accepted. With transfer scheduled for 31 May, all we have to do now is find a tenant. Any takers !??!

The ugly house BUT.. The stunning view from our house on the top of the world

We continued to be dogged with internet problems, the modem we purchased in Cape Town not behaving the way we expected it to. Annaliese lost a frustrating 2 hours' worth of information on Sunday night, before the helpful Vodacom team in Knysna and the aleays willing assistance of webmaster Kevin set us right - or so we thought! (see later for more problems!).

We left Knysna on Tuesday morning, planning to drive along the old road towards Port Elizabeth. However, we were frustrated by a seriesof road closures that left us no choice but to travel on the N2.