Punta Malungane

What an experience we had in this our 21st country that we visited!!! It is so appropriate that this is no21 (overall that is, not only Africa) as this is a country of growth, of renwal, hope and a new life, all the things that is important for a 21 year old.

We unfortunately left late from The Breakers where we were staying due to the unfortunate passport delivery saga and raced (truly) to the border, I can be a very nervous co-driver as my family very well know!! and at times had to hold my breath for fear the car might just turn over if i let it out!!! BUT..... the day that started off in a very wierd and wonderfull way, continued to surprise us.

We started off in luxury, me having a PEDICURE !!!!!! (a girl has to look nice in the bush , i say!) Stew organising the last bits of shopping at Woolies (Ruds, we had ro support them !!for old times sake) and then sitting there chewing our nails waiting for the courier company. Then the hectic trip, through stunning countryside I must add on to the border. We got there at 5.05 !!!!!! They close at 5 and you all know what borderposts can be like.....Well LISTEN TO THIS

1. They , both sides (believe it) offered to let us through ........

2. NO BRIBES asked or offered......

3. No stamps in the passports, only a request to come back in the morning to officially enter the country!!!

Well, needless to say, you could have blown us both over. Such helpfulnes and friendly assistance I have NEVER experienced. Then followed a surreal trip of 14 km through a maze of sand tracks, not a sign in sight, in the gathering dusk, with only an initial marker and distance, we followed our noses,drove onwards down to the coast, around a picture-perfect dam, through the coastal bush. We finally arrived at Ponta Molangane campsite. What an experience,as we drove through a maze of campsites, chalets, huts and lodges, housing hundreds of SA holidaymakers.

Surfing in Moz !!!Surfing in Moz!!Our hut

We slept the next 2 nightsin a wooden hut, close to main communal kitchen/bar/diving camp. other than thepowere boats testing their engines from 6am, and the monkeys stealing our food, the place was paradise. warm gentle seas, a restaurant to eat at on the first night, and an endless supply of cold beer. We booked to swim with the dolphins the morning we left. Courtney,our team leader, her husband Paulus, originally from germany, and their 5 year old daughter led the way.

We spotted a pod of dolphins, and snorkelled amongst them, what an amazing experience to see these wonderful creatures in their natural envirnment , so close you could touch them(we did not as it is not allowed) later we swam above a reef, marvelling at the myriad of fishlife.