Port St Johns

This is for sure one of our favourite places , even better than Coffee Bay and looking at the vegatation, the stunning views, the ocean and experiencing the friendliness of the locals as well as the unspoilt beauty of nature in this special place, one can only marvel at the miracle of ceation and hope that us humans will appreciate the beauty around us.It is so peaceful and one has no choice but to relax.

Just check out this stunning view form The Glass House where we stayed, right from our stoep. Must be the best place to stay in PSJ,right on the water with views to die for, Karen is the host and be sure to contact her at


Ruds, Chrizel and crowd, check out your house on this pic

We continued our search for something for me to swim in as (how this happened I do NOT know) all my special costumes for my menopausal body including all suntan lotion etc must now be safely stored in Extra Attic storage in Cape Town!!!!! NO bloody luck I tell you, do not think the peole here need any of that, so we had no choice but to join the locals as far as their swimming habits are concerned!!

We also discoverd (how this happend once again we do not know) that we had no front number plate!!! Best of all is that we managed to drive halfway around SA without one and believe it , went through at least 3 ROADBLOCKS!! Noboby picked up that our front number plate safely stayed behind in Cape Town!!

Needless to say, no place here to find a new one, so we decided just to ignore it and enjoy the food, the wine and SUN SUN SUN YEAH !! and also ignore the ever increasing mosquito bites.......gets a bit difficult in the heat, but Stewart believes (why I do not know) that you will eventually become immune to it!!


We left here on our way to the KZN south coast and once again the vegetation and beauty of the place take your breath away.