the party

We had our big send off on the 8th March and had the biggest jol that Meadow way has ever seen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a tip to those of you that are planning a similar trip, take LOTS of vitamins before AND NB NB make sure you say goodbye to as many friends as possible st the party. But first , lets look at the pics....
We just realised that we have the most amazing bunch of friends that ever existed. With the sounds of the Marimba band, thanks to Nadia, the drums supplied by Ruds , we had the time of our lives.The neighbours surely hated us as the drumming continued lto the early morning hours and we want to thank all of you for the most amazing pressies , so thoughtful and usefull , even Blackie enjoyed it.
Big problem however is always the morning after the night before.....thank you to my dear friend Liesbeth who, together with Ruds & Chrizel always seem to be there when needed most....tip to all of you out there, if you have a party, make sure you have the best friends and family around to help, specially if the house need to be empty within 3 days after the send off!!!
Just to give you an idea, see the state on the morning after below