Packing and final few days

What an impossible task, to pack a household away, and leave with only a carful of (hopefully) useful belongings. We had no idea how difficult it will be to reduce your life of so many years to the size of a Landrover!! An impossible task with one of us being a complete hoarder despite having moved 27times since Varsity!!!!

Once again, we are so lucky , as it would have been absolutely IMPOSSIBLE without the help of Anna Maria who worked and packed NON STOP , thank you so much. Sorry for you out there, she is not available for rent, you have to be her friend!!! Tip.. start packing ASAP as it turns into a nightmare very quickly as it is a hard as well as an emotional task.


TIP TIP TIP ......say goodbye to as many friends and family at the party as possible, we spread the process over 7 days and it is SOOOOOOOOO difficult , we were emotionally finished at the end of the week. BUT>>>>because we have the most awesome friends, the least we can do is to give credit whee it is due and ask you users to ensure you support them

1. For any design of your info cards, your web pages and the best printing in Cape Town, be sure to use AVALON PRINTING tel number +27 21 447 1102.

2. For the best "looking after your dog " couple in the whole wide world, thank you to dearest Ruds & Chrizel, Themba is lucky to have you guys

3. Thank you to the Logans for our last wonderful supper in Cape Town and to our beloved Ruds and Chrizel for putting us up after the removal van did its final trip. For the BEST removal company in Cape Town, be sure to use Mr September who can be contacted on 083 461 9164.

4. To the Wolstenholmes , dear Kathy and David, thank you so much for looking after my car, any of you out there who are interested in Nia, contact Kathy and if you want to become organiesthuizensc, contact David, the Mr Organic of SA. Only problem ,you will have to mail us to get their contact details!!!

5. To the Van der Westhuizens, thank you sooooooooo much for putting us up for our final night in CT. Liam , we enjoyed your bedroom and for the best breakfast in town, be sure to get hold of Peter and Moya!!! Thank you guys

6. To Kevin, thank you for dealing with our sheer stupidity as far as IT is concerned........your patience is great, we will get there one day!!!!

TIP TIP TIP, get your farewells behind you ASAP as it gets harder all the time, we cried for at least a week.