Our final Thoughts



As we sit here at Gatwick after having left Bristol this morning, I have difficulty in conveying my feelings. I am so very proud of my son for having made such a huge success in a foreign country despite his bad rugby injury and despite being away from his family and most of his loved ones, but at the same time I am so sad to leave. The trip will be hard from now on as it will be difficult terrain, difficult to connect by mail or cell and even harder as there will be no visits to and from family and friends for a while, but the show must go on and I am eternally grateful for having had the opportunity to spend quality time with 2 of the 3 most important men in my life, it was great to be able to do some home cooking even though the facilities were typical bachelor style, it was great to laugh out loud and to cry even harder, to have a jol and just to be typical tourists together.

I think the UK will always be a country of emotional highs and lows for me and I will love and hate it at the same time till we meet again!!!

Supper at the flat, we used the table for the FIRST time!!!!



Incredible to see how Zack and Liam have adapted so well to life in a foreign country, I am proud of them. They have learnt a lot, had good times and bad, and will be stronger and better for the experience. I found visiting happy and sad, great to spend quality time with Zack, and to speak to him about his hopes and aspirations for the future, a future that proudly includes South Africa. Sad to know he is now a man, capable of making his own way in life without us. I am proud of you, Zack, and look forward to seeing you and Rud's soon. Enjoy the rest of your stay , and your well deserved upcoming holiday with one of the loves of your life.