Our closing thoughts


As we are leaving this vibrant and slow, developed and “uncivilized” anomaly of a country, I will always think of it as the true example of how it is to love and live fully in a world where nothing is ever permanent; in Mozambique the force of nature truly takes its toll and the signs are everywhere; a world where each solution must be tried and shaped to fit , the correct solution clearly is not always obvious; a world where experimentation and risk are vital to forward motion. A lot of work still needs to be done, but as nature takes, so it gives back and it seems that the people of Mozambique is truly in tune with the rhythm of their country.

I am sad to go and all I can say is “obrigado” for letting me share in a fraction of the multitude that this country can offer. We will be back!

One of my favourite sites in Mozboat building Moz style!


Think of endless blue oceans, unspoilt beaches, warm waters, colouful reefs teeming with life. Think abominable roads, expensive fuel, mozzies, bugs of all shapes and size. Think warm sun, friendly people, easy living, great seafood. This is Mozambique, where nothing is too much trouble, or everything is too much effort - take your pick.

We will be back for more, sometime, somewhere.

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Love & Hugs