Newquay and Surfer Dudes

We left in our hired black mamba car and took the road less travelled on the coast to Cornwall and Newquay, the surfer capital of the UK. On the way , we stopped at the most amazing little villages, as Zack said, typical Agathe Cristie murder mystery places!!The dudes in one of the Village graveyards!!!!


The drive through the countyside and along the coast gave us a glimpse of a very different England, and a coastline that would do the Wildcoast proud. We stopped for a "Sunday lunch" in one of the villages, consisting of a 450 year old church, 4-5 shops, as many pubs and about 100 homes.

We had booked into a holiday caravan park, into a furnished caravan, complete with double glazed windows, heater, tv and dvd, (this reminded us a bit of the Trailorparks in the USA and Zack said he feels just like Eminem!!)We have no idea how and when these people actually camp here as it is supposed to be spring and the temp was 14 to 16degrees Celcius!! After booking in we drove through Newquay for our first recce of the beaches and entertainment spots.

The main beachHarbourNewquay town

Liam was not too impressed with the 2-3 foot waves, despite the wavline being shared by literally hundreds of surfers. But the sight of sea, beaches and surfers certainly lifted the spirits, and put us all in the holiday mood.


As we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary (thanks Erik for the best wishes) that day, we found a cosy restaurant down at the harbour, where we had a delicious seafood meal, for which our incredible son insisted on paying for, thankyou Zack from the bottom of our hearts. It was truly special to be able to celebrate with you. We then hit the town, finding 100s of clubs and bars full of revellers showing us why Newquay is known as both the surf and party centre of the UK, needless to say, we joined in as only beerloving South Africans can do!!

Aniversary coupleChecking the surfThe dudes at Newquay


The next day Liam and Stewart went for a surf recce, but the bustling Saturday shopping centre won out, and we spent the balmy (16 degrees) day wandering through the town centre, before settling down at "the Central" bar to share in a bit of UK's religion - football. For the record, Chelsea beat that other team that Rooney plays for, sorry, their name escapes me .

3 Mad SA GUYS!!!!!!!Ruds & Chrizel......

                                                                                            they truly followed your advice and had ice cream whilst I froze in the car!

The beauty of Newquay is truly astounding, and it was great to spend the time with the boys. We sampled the local fudge and icecream, apparently famous for Cornwall's "clotted cream". Liam's hopes of a good surf, however, disappeared with the swell, which the locals later told us had been "great" for the last month, but had now probably gone north for the summer . So we cancelled the surf, and instead Liam,Zack and Stewart braved the 11 degree early morning weather and had a swim instead, much to the amuzement of the locals.