Limbe to Mamfe, well nearly

We left Limbe after a great breakfast with our newly made friends Wendy and Rob who were off to Yaounde and on to Gabon. After another sleepless night due to the knowledge of what lay ahead, we both felt it is time for us to tackle what we have been told is the worst road in Africa.

The road started off fine and we were driving along in high spirits listening to our newly acquired Cameroonian music CD. We had to stop at Kumba to ensure we have cell phone reception for Stews telephonic interview for one of the teaching jobs we applied for. So needless to say, the nerves at this stage were relatively stretched beyond what they should be. We stopped at a local pub/restaurant for a cool drink and just because we were there, they decided to play their music as loud as possible! We could not exactly tell them that it was the last thing we wanted as the telephone connections were usually bad and it is no fun if you cannot hear what questions are being asked!! But hey, this is typical of Cameroonian hospitality, so Stew had to sweat it out in a hot car with all the windows closed!!

Waiting for the call!!!!

For Anna maria NOTE.... just a BIDI but cannot guarantee it will stay like that !!!

We were on our way after the call came through at the arranged time. The plan was to reach Mamfe that evening to ensure that we can leave for the border and the bad road at the crack of dawn the next morning. As the road steadily started to get worse, I checked the map and saw that we made a note at one place to turn LEFT, but we could not remember why the note was made… lesson…NEVER trust a local that does not drive for directions!! As the local guy told us to turn RIGHT instead, we believed him that that was the way to Mamfe, and drove straight into a very BAD road with fading light! LAST thing we needed before we even hit the worst road the next day. The mud was very bad, thick like clay and mixed with loads of water from the rain that day, made driving a bit of a nightmare. The worst happened and we slipped completely off the road and got badly stuck. Thankfully some locals arrived pretty soon and after trying the winch with no success, they got us out when it was already dark. They told us that there was no way we can continue as it got only worse further on and suggested we turn around and go back to Nguti some 30 kms back as there is a “great hotel” where we can stay.

  Getting used to what lies aheadStuck in the dark thank g for locals !

Well, we have been in a lot of places, the worst being the mosquito hell hole in DRC, but this one came a close second. No water, no electricity, smelly bedding but hey, it was a place to sleep!!! Not much of the sleeping happened though as we now had some idea of what awaited us the next day. At least the manager of the establishment promised to find us a reliable driver the next day. We had been warned not to try and negotiate the road on our own as there is no way we will get through. At this stage we due to what we just experienced, we believed it and had no desire to play tough!! One thing we are VERY sure of though is that NEVER again will we pay someone in SA to go on a "4x4 course/track" No more for at least 10 years!!!

Pics taking too ong to load, will update them if we find a better connection