Lands End

On the Sunday afternoon set aside for Liam to surf the non existing waves, we decided to drive to the western-most tip of England, Lands End. Despite much grumbling about the drive, we all agreed the trip was worth it when we eventually got there. As you drive west the land becomes more and more desolate, with tiny villages seemingly unchanged since the days of the pirates.It was truly a "timewarp" experience and so good to see the natural beauty of the area, totally different from everything we have ever seen. only problem was the FREEEEEZING weather, the wind is bitterly cold and this is spring!

The cliffs at Lands EndIt reads "USA" as they were trying to convince me that you can                                                                                                                                                                     actually see USA from here !!! (I know I am blonde)

We wandered around the windswept moors above the rugged cliffs of Lands End,made the locals' day with our crazy antics (one lady couldn't walk she was laughing so much at Zack, but you'll have to ask Zack for details, checked out a small working farm in the area that has been there for 700 years, Zack posted off some postcards, and then it was off back home,

Just to prove that we were realy here!!

but not before we stopped off and had a drink in "the first and the last pub" in England, which had its own tunnel down to the cliffs as a legacy to its historic roots of smuggling. The whole area's history is one of smuggling and highway robbers as we discovered when we took the boys on a bit of an historic trip to ensure they got their fill of a bit of history!