We drove into KZN via Port Edward, stopping for a delicious lunch at the Wild Coast Sun, which elicited another search for the elusive replacement swimming costume, again to no avail. We then followed the old road up te coast to to our next destination on the South Coast, Sunwich Port, the home of Auntie Colleen and Uncle Gerry, just north of Port Shepstone.

Uncle gery has the most amazing plant in his garden with flowers that change colour at different times of the day!!! Anybody that knows the name???? hERE ARE THE PICS

The flower in the morning ..and later

We stopped for a coffee and to view the sights of Margate, with Annaliese finally finding the "perfect' replacement costume. We arrived at Sunwich Port lete in the afternnoon, and spent the next 2 nights washing our dirty clothes, obtaining a new number plate and other essential provisions, wine, beer.... i forget the rest.

A late complication with our Angolan visa, which had resulted in us leaving Cape Town without our passports, threatened to derail our plan to travel up to just before the Mozambique border the next day. Instead we arranged to stay the next night in Umhlanga,in order for our passports to be couriered to us there. After rpacking Stanruza with all the essentials, including some additional fishing kit donated by Uncle Gerry, we made the short trip to Umhlanga on Thursday morning. We booked in the Breakers Resort for the night, enjoying an afternnon by the pool and awalk along the beach Afurther complication with Stewart's passport meant a late start the next day. Just a word of caution to those wanting an Angolan visa, make sure The Travel Lounge in Palm Centre is avoided!

  Our last bit of SA luxury!!!!!

We plan to drive into Mozambique this evening (Friday) , and spend a night or 2 at Ponta Malongane, 15 km into Mozambique