Inhambane and Tofo

left Xai Xai (for a change)
at the correct time to ensure an early arrival at our next stop
, Inhambane. The road was OK, a stretch of
about 100km in true Moz style a bit of a disaster
with crater potholes which takes absolute concentration to stay on the road. We
stopped in Inhambane town for a delicious cup of
coffee and Stews standard beer, had the best salads ever (remember we have not
seen salad for a few days!!!) and discussed with the locals whether we should
go to Tofo or Bara, decided
to give Tofo the thumbs up and as we had loads of
time to check out the places, once again found a spot at “Nordiens”
right on the beach. Our standard requirements now are not negotiable!!! Sound
of the waves, right on the beach nothing less !! We do
not have a problem with extras as long as Stan can be parked close to the abode
to enable us to use our fridge, most times our water (!!!) as well as our
cups/food etc. Yes, you got it right, the standard accommodation here is
nothing more that 2 beds, if you are lucky, the place has a loo
and a shower and luxury is if there is a fridge in the room. Anything goes if
it is called “self catering” 


has a completely different vibe than the area further south where we came from,
younger crowd and a lot of Europeans and Americano’s.
A real laid back vibe and we had to laugh at ourselves, the place is most
probably the size of Riviersonderend (if that) and we
already think of it as civilization and a big town!! We will be in for a shock
once we hit the UK!!!!
There is a colourful local market, a few great
eateries and a lot of bars!!! And hey…… can even get wine here as well as HUNTERS !!!!! Heaven  

 Our hut at Nordien's   Market at Tofo


thing to do here is surfing (yeh go John, the waves
are great) and/or diving. Since my open water 1 diving qualification is but a
distant memory and since Stew always wanted to do the diving course, we decided
to take the plunge and go for it ! I knew chances are
that my back will not cope, but we had to try and started, I got as far as the
first open water dive, about halfway through the course and unfortunately had
to give up as my back started talking to me!! A big pity, but at least I got
this far and can always continue once my back is stronger. Stew is still busy and
loving it as the marine life here is awesome and the visability
under water 20x better that in Cape Town. He will
no doubt keep you all updated once he finished. In the meantime I will keep the
site updated and send pics so you can all share the
place with us.