Hippocampe and the Good Samaritans


You better believe it.........we are still here. We tried to stay calm, we tried to be holistic about the whole situation, we tried to stay posotive BUT.......it is hard and we are GATVOL. It seems Stan fell in love with either the Congo or alternatively his parking spot at the Hippocampe as he refuses to be fixed. The saga continues! As soon as the mechanic fixed the one problem with the part kindly brought form SA , another thing broke and so here we are. Bigger problem this time as we had to wait for 3 days for the machanic to find the part as he firmly believed that it is readily available in Brazza, needless to say IT WAS NOT!! And here is when the amazing wilingness to help stepped in.

Our American friends Steve, Mark and Jen promptly asked a contact of theirs in Kinshasa to help us, Bob , we have never met you, but thank you for trying for days to locate the part, then stepped in Lester and Flip both South Africans staying at the Hippocampe and working in Congo. They tried to pull out al the stops to try and hunt down the mysterious piece of whatever it is as well as contacting fellow South Africans. Thank you so much. They went even further and invited us to spend Lesters birthday on sunday with them. We went on a boat trip to Stanleys Pool, certainly the best way to spend a Sunday in Brazza. We went on an hour long boatride on a Mokorro with an enjin and got to know the mighty Congo even better. It ws a lovely , relaxing trip to an Island in the river. Once again an amazing tourist opportunity not utilised at all. We unfortunately had no idea what to expect but were pleasantly surprised when we realised that there were little huts where you can relax and even a restaurant!

Scenes from the Congo River

Brazza Skyline

Scenes from the Island

Stew with our "Skipper" For any future visitors, maybe if more people do this trip, they will finally realise that it might be a good idea to do something for tourism. Take the boat from the Restaurant at the "Yacht club"  called MAMA WATI (the river goddess) at a cost of 60 000 CFA the price is a bit steep, but you can fill it with at least 6 people and share the cost.The boat trip lasts about 1 Hour and you have a great view of daily life on the Congo river. From the busy harbour to slow village life.

Well at the Hippocampe the kindness of Olivier and Catherine continue and they took pity on another fellow South Africa, Chris who is traveling from Pretoria to Madrid on his BMW bike!! Great guy and so nice to chat to fellow travellers. Unfortunately it seems that all fellow travelers eventuallt leave Brazzaville but we stay behind. We were hoping to catch up with Chris, but at the rate we are traveling, he will be home and we will still be waiting!!!

Lester, Flip and Chris All SA kindhearted saints! We decided Olivier should wear a halo!

In the meantime we are still stuck here with permanent power failures, NO FUEL!!!!! believe it in an oil producing country so now not even the taxi's can drive so we sre truly STUCK! Well we are still full of admiration for the way the Hippocampe family manage to continue to smile, to be kind and to cook and serve the most amazing food whilst there is also a no gas available for cooking!!! Well done guys and THANK YOU for all the suppport here as well as from all our friends in SA and all over.


MESSAGE MESSAGE Ally and Rob, we lost your mail ad and cannot pick it up on the site..PLEASE mail to info@rootsinafrica.co.za as we would LOVE to talk to you