Etosha and Ruacana


We spent the night   just outside Etosha, as we has been warned that even camping inside the boundaries of Etosha had become very expensive. Although the grassed camping area at Etosha Safari Camp was overrun by overlanders, we found a good campsite, had a great swim in the pool and and an even better meal in the beautiful restaurant. Yeah to Jagermeister as everythinh just seems better after a shot of that!!

The next morning we drove through Anderson Gate, and were deluged with vast numbers of springbok and zebra sightings. We also saw wildebeest, rooi hartebeest, giraffe, gemsbok by the 100s, impala, ostrich and the best of all, 4 lions, who wandered across the road about 50 metres in front of us.A truly magnificent sight as you realize the size and power of these kings of the jungle once you see them up close. One of those WOW moments never to be forgotten.


The pan itself was full of water, looking like a dam, I have never seen it like this, unbelievable and surreal as it looks like I suppose Lake Malawi looks like, with water as far as the eye can see.

 The pans like I have never seen it

As we drove towards the northern exit, we spoke to Zack and Rudolf, using the last of the connection at one of the camps. Our day was made and we had fuel for the soul to carry on. On our way out, we were greeted by about  30 ostrich, waving their wings and dancing, as if to say farewell

 A very wet Ovamboland

As we had decided to exit Namibia at the Ruacana border post, we still had a good long drive ahead of us. We drove through an Ovamboland virtually underwater, with huge pools of water on both sides of the road. Although the road was good, the many settlements  made for slow traveling, and  our anticipated stopover, chosen via the Garmin, failed to materialize. We decided to push on to Ruacana itself, and arrived in the dark at the wonderful oasis of a hotel, Eha Ruacana Lodge, where we were treated to television, en suite bathroom, and a cooked supper and breakfast, served by the ever helpful Emma.She was a joy to behold and served Annaliese the most delicious dessert with no name!! We were even treated to a bottle of Nederburg wine!!