Coffee Bay and pouring RAIN

We are here, in Coffee bay one of our favourite destinations.......BUT do we want to be here !!!!!!!!!

The ever present COWS on the beach

The rain is coming down in buckets and we, our tent, Stan, our clothes, our EVERYTHING is WET , no fun to sleep on a wet matress, with wet bedding , but we will persevere and promptly had the best double gold veritas, double gold michaelangelo double everything bottle of red wine in the whole world. The result was that we became untouchable, so much so that we even packed up the whole camp again just to move 2 sights down the road to a beter wiew and in the hope that if the sun comes out, we will have a little ray of it. Well, now the 3rd day and.........still waiting !!!!!!!!!! We must however tell all that read the site, the campsite in Coffee Bay (not at any of the backpackers) is one of the biggest jewels in this area.It is a nightmare to get a permit as we had to brace the Easter Friday traffic in Mthatha to get this crazy piece of paper, not advisable we promise, but true to form, the nicest , friendliest people ever .Butterworth is truly a one horse town, but something happens when it is easter............. you take 45 miniutes to travel down the mail road, all of 3 kms , we will not talk about what Mthatha was like.... needless to say, we got e=what we came for thanks to Mr Goverment (that is his name) who kept the permit g=for us till 3,30 evn though the office closed at 1. CHECK this out RSA parks board, how about this service!!!!!!!!!!!1

A t R20 pp per night camping, you cannot expect much, but the views and the fact that you are right on the beach make up fpr everything. Sarah, you have NO idea how welcome the disinfectant wipes are constant companion, and all the A&G friends, you have no idea how well the cob works, we just have to figure out what to look at while you are cooking your food on it as one usually stares at the fire, not much fun staring at a stainless steel cob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We met a great couple from the UK, well done to Kim and Rachel, you guys put South Africans to shame, you have done more touring and seen more of our stunning country than most locals. Looking forward to meeting you in Devon to check out the surfer spots with Zack and Liam.

Our abode, Stew writing about Knysna, tent looks a bit too small for him I'd say !!!!!!!!

  Stew in all his wet glory Moving form one site to the next!!! BUT..........check the view