Caprivi Strip


We crossed the border into Namibia at about 11.30 and unexpectedly , it was a very emotional homecoming for me! The first question I was asked by the Border official was if i am family of Anton's . So I first shed a few tears and then we were on our way to Ngepi camp.

What a stunning country..(I am being totally honest!) I just felt so proud to be a Namibian by birth as everything is so well maintained, the vegatation stunning and green, the roads excellent, the people friendly and to top it all, just as we entered Namibia, two elephant casually crossed the road right in front of us!

A true Namibian welcome!

We then proceeded to Ngepi camp and it justifies all the raving reports we received from this place. Our campsite (at R150 per night good price after exorbitant Botswana) was right on the river bank with a view to die for. So we replaced the sound of the waves with the sound of the Hippos!! We promptly set up camp and proceeded to take a dip in the famous Hippo and Croc pool

Our site at NgepiSwimming pool Ngepi Style

If it is your thing, the birldlife here is amazing and the "ablution tour " is the thing to go for!!! the owners obviously had a tremdous amount of fun with the building of the facilities and to see the loo's is truly an experience!!

one of the showers!Some of the loo's

Ours was the best though , out in the open with a perfect view of the river,and as the sign says, if you get a surprise by people on the river, just cover your eyes with 2 blocks of loo paper!

We also met fellow Capetonians, Jo and Cheryl who now live in St Helena Bay and had great fun discussing the beauty of life in the bush. Good luck to you guys with the rest of your trip and we are looking forward to keeping in contact.

The last evening we had to do some proper planning as we decided to drive the 938kms from the camp to Windhoek in one go. We needed an extra day in Windhoek as Stan needed some care and attention, firstly due to the lady drivers connection with the tree in Xai Xai!!!!! ( The bent hinge is now causing the tent to be totally out of balance) and Stew also thought it a good idea to give Stan a service before we go into the bundu proper. The plan was to pack everything before it is dark, but as we are getting too used to not being time bound, we had to grope around in the dark to pack. At about 8.30 Namibian time(They are on daylight savings and an hour behind SA) I realised I never paid for the camping and we rushed off to reception!! And of course, there was a bar and of course you cannot just stand there and not use it!! We had a few and met up with Chris and Lara now from the the middle of their 6 month trip through Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi and Mozambique. Chris is originally from Escourt, Lara is an attorney fromLondon! Another one that we met on this trip!! It seems that all the attorneys worlwide are escaping to the bush!! Thank you to them for all the info and also the article on Angola, will keep you guys updated on the trials and tribulations of our trip. We also met Mike and his lovely wife, so it was great to compare notes and interesting that they had the same complaints about the unfriendly Botswana people!

We spend a sleepless night and got up at 4.30 to finalise the packing and finally left the campsite at about 6 in the morning.