Bristol with the cool dudes

What a weird come from Africa, camping and warm weather to the UK with rain and feezing cold!!! We arrived at Gatwick after a sleepless flight (for Annaliese)  as usual, even though Air Namibia was great to fly with. The immigration lady was trying her best to be rude and I nearly lost my cool, but all well and we got to Victoria station in no time. Had 2 sandwiches and 2 coffees for the staggering amount of R160!!!! and decided that it is better to just sit and wait for our bus to Bristol, even though it was about 3 hours wait. I did however pee out 1Pound as you pay a bloody fortune for even this!! The busride was great and absolutely stunning, even though it is cold for us, the blossoms are out and the green with the yellow of the Canola fields was a delight to watch.The trip to Bristol was 2,5 hours and we could not wait to see Zack and just give him a hug. We arrived in the best weather they had this year and I cannot describe the joy to see our son!! We took a walking tour to their house and on the way he pointed out a few of their local places. Bristol is a stunning city with a real student vibe and in general the boys are really happy. Their house is stunning and their landlord Bally , a great guy. He works mostly in London so he offered his bedroom to us for the one night which was so kind and saved us a lot of money. Lets take you on a little tour:

Bristol, the College green and CathedralCanola Fields on the way from London to Bristol

The local pubGroceries for the boysMr Barman, tie and all

The guys have a system here!!! (That is Liam and Zack) they get cheap booze at the store down the road and then take the booze with them to the pub, sit in the garden and have a great time as if they bought it there!!

Bristol waterfront where Zack works this is the view from his restaurant

The happy family having a pub lunch!Liam off to smart

We spend the first day getting some groceries for the guys and nearly had 20 heart attacks looking at the prices of things!! It truly is unbelievable how expensive food is and we are so proud of Zack, he budgets perfectly all the time and became quite the cook as it is cheaper to eat at home. The guys spend the first 2 evenings going to the pub and staggered home late in the eve, whilst I tried to get rid of the jetlag and did some ironing!

We left on Friday morning for Newquay, the UK's BIGGEST & most famous surfspot!