Bath and Stonehenge

Zack had arranged his schedule to spend the whole of Tuesday with us, and as we still had the car, we decided to visit Stonehenge, and then meet Gill (Stewart’s stepmom, visiting UK from Zimbabwe) and Michael (Stewart’s brother, living in UK) in Bath, and see what the Romans made such a fuss about.

The weather had turned cold (11 degrees), or at least we thought it was cold, and the trip to Stonehenge was complicated by road closures, but we eventually found it. After driving along small country roads for what seemed like hours and hours, the stones of Stonehenge suddenly loomed out of the horizon of Salisbury plains. We parked in thecar park, dressed as warmly as we could, and took a walk round the strangely eery rock formations.

The fomation at StonehengeJust to show you how cold it really was !!!

Dating back initially some 5 000 years ago, some of the smaller stones originate from Wales, some 380 km away, and some of the larger 3 storey ones, from 30 km away. Although not as impressive as the Egyptian constructions of the same era, we were nevertheless impressed with the Brit’s primitive attempts at castle building.It was so great to spend time together as a family again and we promptly made a video of the 3 of us singing happy birthday to Kloe, Ruds & Chrizel, just to show that you are permanently in our thoughts. XXX

The biting wind soon got the better of us, so we headed off back to Bath, where we met up with Michael and Gill, and then spent a couple of hours wandering around the Roman Baths, a massive structure of naturally hot water pools, temples, bath houses and Roman artifacts, that kept us wandering around, marveling at the Roman’s ingenuity.

The family together

Zack said this guide smelled as bad as he looked!! The Roman baths

We then spent another few hours in another Bath institution – the local pub, where we caught up on family news Good luck to Gill as she returns to Zimbabwe , where at least the beginning of the end, if not the end itself, of the abnormal life people there are living, is in sight.