Accra with Petra and Franco


Imagine Sunday lunch on a lazy summer day in Cape Town, good company, good wine, brilliant food, balmy weather and a long table shared with family and friends……Sounds good and at this point in our lives, stuff that dreams are made of! Most amazing though ,is that we got all of that and more right here in Accra!!!


Petra, Franco, their daughters Bianca and Olivia and Petra’s mom together with Vicky, Dirk and family pulled out all the stops and provided a Sunday lunch that will keep our stomachs as well as souls fed for a long time. Thank you so much guys, it was one of those days that we will carry in our hearts forever.

 Olivia, Franco, Petra and Bianca.   Vicky and familysorry Dirk no pic of you

It was so good to hear Afrikaans, to talk about folks back home, to laugh about West Africa, to compare notes about experiences and just to feel the normality of  family life again. We realized how small this world is in that shared friends were discovered, I have only met Petra in Cape Town once and it turned out that her mother knows all my mothers family and that we are both fellow Namibians. The weirdest thing is that Mark told us about Vicky and Dirk and we decided to contact them when we came back from the bush and here they were, at Petra and Franco’s house. Thank you also to Vicky who offered to sort out my Moroccan visa. You guys will all be blessed in a big way.


So for the next 3 weeks we will be in the bush with no amenities, but we are sure the ointment for the soul provided by working with the orphans will more than make up for that.


Zack, you will be happy to know that your mom is no longer a bad version of Pamela Anderson, we did my hair AGAIN and it is now a bit tamer!!!