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Port St Johns

This is for sure one of our favourite places , even better than Coffee Bay and looking at the vegatation, the stunning views, the ocean and experiencing the friendliness of the locals as well as the unspoilt beauty of nature in this special place, one can only marvel at the miracle of ceation and hope that us humans will appreciate the beauty around us.It is so peaceful and one has no choice but to relax.

Coffee Bay and pouring RAIN

We are here, in Coffee bay one of our favourite destinations.......BUT do we want to be here !!!!!!!!!

The ever present COWS on the beach

Alexandria NOT Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great treat to have such wonderful friends scattered across the country at just the right places! We joined our friend Elizabeth on her cattle farm in Alexandria, what a great place she has. Liesbeth, well done, you are doing so well all on your own and we are proud to tell everyone that we know what a great farmer you are.Thank you so much for spoiling us like that.

Second stop Knysna

After the awesome hospitality of John and Ann we drove into Knysna well rested and fed.We drove along the back road between Wilderness and Knysna, getting a taste of the road less travelled.

Knysna is familiar territry to us, from our many visits to the Oyster festival. Our stopover this time was for a different purpose, aswe have an inkling we might return from our travels one day to settle here - for as long as we manage to settle in any one place.

Packing and final few days

What an impossible task, to pack a household away, and leave with only a carful of (hopefully) useful belongings. We had no idea how difficult it will be to reduce your life of so many years to the size of a Landrover!! An impossible task with one of us being a complete hoarder despite having moved 27times since Varsity!!!!

The Plan

Wow 6 weeks left and so much to do...... life happens around us as we go about doing our daily things, due to the usual unforseen circumstances, and the BAll FAMILY has many as those of you that know us is aware of, our plans change on a daily basis, BUT some things stay the same......

We are leaving on the 15th March (my pendulum confirms it!!!)

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