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Bath and Stonehenge

Zack had arranged his schedule to spend the whole of Tuesday with us, and as we still had the car, we decided to visit Stonehenge, and then meet Gill (Stewart’s stepmom, visiting UK from Zimbabwe) and Michael (Stewart’s brother, living in UK) in Bath, and

Lands End

Newquay and Surfer Dudes

We left in our hired black mamba car and took the road less travelled on the coast to Cornwall and Newquay, the surfer capital of the UK. On the way , we stopped at the most amazing little villages, as Zack said, typical Agathe Cristie murder mystery places!!The dudes in one of the Village graveyards!!!!


Bristol with the cool dudes

Windhoek for the 1st round


How strange is the human race!!! We are never satisfied, once agin, the road to Windhoek was worldclass, but it is VERY straight and soon we were complaining about it!! I however did not allow Stew to do too much of that as it is after all my home country and everything WORKS, it is sparkling clean and such a pleasure to travel here, the 958 km stretch took us only 8hr 30 min so we had lots of time to those ofyou that think Stan is slow.....think again, good time we had I would say!!

Caprivi Strip


We crossed the border into Namibia at about 11.30 and unexpectedly , it was a very emotional homecoming for me! The first question I was asked by the Border official was if i am family of Anton's . So I first shed a few tears and then we were on our way to Ngepi camp.

Stats and Helpful Info

The following are some stats as well as some info that might be helpful to future travelers:


Our Final Thoughts




Maun and the Delta


The border and Nata

We have been without any contact with the outside world for a number of day, no radio, no internet, no TV and mostly no cell reception…….hmmmmm, never realized I am quite the addict!!

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